Monday, January 30, 2017

@Newhall Mansion @ Human Art Work Photography Bohemian Wedding

 Love this shot in the Bridal Suite @ Newhall Mansion
 Fun the elements in this Bouquet
 Complete BOHO Vibe

 Fun Whispies in the Bouquet
 Chuppa style always a favorite!!

I love love funny!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

#White Wedding #BOHO & #family @Beccarillo Photography

 A lovely loose style bouquet all in white with eucalyptus & Dusty Miller A Bride's Favorite.
 Love the dripping Greens!!
 Don't forget to embellish you family!!

 Aisle Decor a must & can always be a repurposed item, such as on the Bride & Grooms Chairs below
 Decorating the Menu Boards, can also be a repurposed item from the aisle, etc.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Loving this Bouquet White & Blush Peony Favorite @ Castle Green Pasadena, California


I love using Peony's there are certainly my favorite.  I always feel bad when Brides want to use them when they are our of season.  Brides please remember this is really a May/June flower.  We do see them in December/January but they go away usually until April.  Also, remember we can always substitute with Garden Roses which are a awesome large cabbage rose for the same effect!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fun Creative Wedding @ Calamigos Malibu....Boho/Jewish Wedding awesome photography by @ Melissa Ergo Photography


We made Floral Swings

This Wedding was so amazing!  The Bride & Groom had a wonderful vision, to hang a Chuppa of Flowers @ Ceremony.  They were completely involved in the design of the Chuppa, all we had to do was to design the flowers for he Chuppa.  They had basically made a frame with a grade & we were able to hang the flowers.  The funny thing about this Wedding is that we call in our "Nitroglycerin" Wedding.  We drove to the wedding with this frame of hanging flowers in our Van. We had it tied up on the ceiling of the Van, white knuckling the steering wheel the whole way there.  Everytime we hit a bump it was moving around, Jo Anne was like breath, its ok its not going anywhere!!!  Brides don't worry about props,etc., we always bring back up damage/control flowers.   Now I know what the stage coach drivers felt like transporting "Nitro"!!  Whewwww. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Sweethearts table should always be set the best!!

Memorial Wedding for Sure.  Michelle is such a sweetheart!!  She gave me total design freedom.  The night before her Wedding I wanted to use artichokes from my garden.  My husband & I had this huge plant, we could not eat/give them away fast enough, so the rest of plant, which were not eatable now I just had to use!  So I called Michelle the night before her Wedding & asked her if I could use them in her centerpieces, etc., that they were so beautiful I had to share & did not want to throw away, bless her heart she said whatever you want, I totally trust you.  Now that is a Bohemian all the way, my kinda girl!!   Brides do not forget your Garden, it might have plenty of fun elements to use on your Wedding day!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

All My Favorite Things....

Everybody should have a flower crown!!!

Beautiful Wedding @ Westlake Village Inn.....Burgandys, Tans & Creams, soo pretty! much emotion....


Make sure your sweethearts table is Dressed the Best!